Our Story

Beef You Can Believe In!

Our approach is simple: We let cattle be cattle so that nature can work its magic. It’s our recipe for 100% grass-fed organic ground beef that tastes great on your plate – and feels good on your conscience.

USDA Organic and All Natural

Cattle graze on organic pasture and never receive antibiotics or added hormones.


Cattle roam the pasture, free to graze whenever they choose.

Raised Responsibly

Our beef is made with respect to the animals, the land and the farmers and ranchers who raise them.

Real Nutrition

Our grass-fed beef is exceptionally rich in protein, vitamins and minerals like iron.

Our Sustainable Philosophy

We’ve always believed that great beef starts at the source. Our philosophy is simple – to deliver healthy beef that lessens our impact on the environment and ensures that our earth’s resources will be bountiful for generations to come.

At the core is our basic belief in “doing the right thing.” By doing so, our brand, our producers, the communities we live in and the world around us will all benefit. This belief is integrated into all of our activities, driving us to deliver grass-fed organic beef that truly encompasses an environmentally-conscious lifestyle for today, and into the future.

Closeup of Cattle in an open field