Ground Beef Goodness

Goodness Grazecious® comes in a convenient 1-lb. package, perfect for your favorite recipes. This grass-fed and grass-finished ground beef is a wholesome and nutritious protein that makes every dish more flavorful.

Lean Point Options

Whether you’re looking for rich flavor or health-conscious quality, we have a taste that’s right for you.
  • 85% lean/15% fat
  • 93% lean/7% fat
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Front view packages of Goodness Grazeious 85/15 and 93/7 Beef bricks

Peace of Mind

Rest assured our ground beef is safe for you and your family to enjoy. We follow the strict food safety controls from our state-of-the-art processing facility to ensure you get the delicious, high-quality grass-fed organic ground beef you expect.

Perfectly Packaged

We vacuum-seal our grass-fed organic ground beef in Fresh-Pack’d® packaging to extend shelf-life while locking in freshness, quality and flavor.

  • Comes in convenient 1-lb bricks
  • Leak-proof storage avoids fridge mess
  • Freezer-friendly to enjoy another time
  • Fresh-Pack’d® packaging extends freshness

Deliciously Nutritious

Hard to believe something as delicious as our grass-fed organic ground beef can also be good for you, but it’s true. Beef is an excellent source of protein and 10 essential nutrients including B-12 and B-6 vitamins, zinc, niacin and iron that support an active lifestyle and healthy diet.