4 Tips for Mastering Meatballs

4 Tips for Mastering Meatballs

Make perfectly shaped, flavorful meatballs every time with these tips. They are more versatile in recipes than you’d think!

Tip #1: For more flavor and juice, mix ground beef lightly– don’t overwork!
Tip #2: Use a scoop or measuring cup for consistent sizing.
Tip #3: Make meatballs ahead of time and freeze for multiple meals!
Tip #4: Reheat in different sauces for different flavors and dishes!

Reheat in pasta sauce for:
Classic spaghetti & meatballs
Meatball sandwiches
Meatballs over creamy polenta

Reheat in gravy for:
Meatballs over mashed potatoes
A hot meatball sub topped with giardiniera

Reheat in BBQ sauce for:
BBQ meatball sandwich
BBQ meatballs with mac & cheese