Goodness Grazecious That’s Delicious

Our approach is simple: we let cattle be cattle so that nature can work its magic. It’s our recipe for grass-fed organic ground beef that tastes great on your plate—and feels good on your conscience.

100% Grass Fed in green circle

Our cattle spend their lives grazing entirely on grass—never grain.

USDA organic in green circle

Cattle are raised on pasture free of artificial pesticides, fertilizers and GMOs.*

No Antibiotics in green circle

We use cattle that have never been treated with antibiotics in their lifetime.

No Added Hormones in green circle

Cattle are allowed to grow at a natural pace without the influence of synthetic hormones.

Quality You Can Count On

We enforce the strictest food safety controls from our state-of-the-art processing facility in western Kansas. This ensures you get delicious, high-quality grass-fed organic ground beef your family will love, time and time again.
Front view packages of Goodness Grazeious 85/15 and 93/7 Beef bricks

Available in Two Lean Points

Whether you’re looking for rich flavor or health-conscious quality, we have a taste that’s right for you.

  • 85% lean/15% fat
  • 93% lean/7% fat

See Nutrition Facts

Packaged to Perfection

Our grass-fed organic ground beef comes vacuum-sealed in Fresh-Pack’d® packaging to lock in freshness, quality and flavor.

  • Available in convenient 1-lb bricks
  • Provides leak-proof storage in your fridge
  • Freezer-ready for use at a later date
Front and back images of Goodness Grazeious 85/15 Beef bricks